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Facebook Ads have been a source of confusion, stress and sometimes anger for me the few times I’ve used them. I never really felt I properly understood them, apart from the basics, and I was conscious of losing money when what I wanted to be doing was quite the opposite!

After 30 minutes with the lovely Caroline, the fog finally lifted! She explained to me in really easy to follow terms exactly what the behind the scenes elements of FB Ads can offer and walked me through everything from my own analytics and pixels and showed me where to find proper results from past campaigns, that can help improve my future ones.

Caroline provided practical steps to take in order to get the best from my future campaigns and I finished the session with a huge smile on my face, ready to get cracking on my next ad. I look forward to working with her in the future.



Hello! I am Caroline and I am here to help you untangle the tech in your business.

After seeing many small businesses and solopreneurs (including myself) lose so much time trying to work out their tech, I am on a mission to help you get on top of your tech and back to making money.

For those of you who want nothing to do with the tech side of your business, I offer done for you services including Facebook ads, setting up landing pages, email systems and email sequences.

For those who love getting into the nitty gritty of the tech side of their business but are looking for a quick way to sort it out without spending hours googling I offer super focussed sessions to get you up and running in no time.

Or you can find me here:

Caroline helped demystify the back end of Facebook ads for me, especially the illusive “pixel” which had been giving me so many headaches! It was a real pleasure to talk with someone about my Facebook ad strategy who could identify the weak points, amplify the strong points and help fine tune my process to both expand my reach and create the most cost effective campaign possible. Thank you Caroline!


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