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Spending too much time trying to untangle your Facebook ads?

Or have you just given up and sworn off Facebook ads for life?

If only coming up with a great solution to your client’s problems was the one thing you needed to do to create a great business. But there is so much noise out there  (particularly on the big wide world of the internet) it is hard to get found let alone get heard.

You keep hearing about building an email list and using Facebook ads to get your message and products out there.  But there are so many options and people keeping talking about things like conversion pixels, email automations and nurture sequences. It seems like they are talking another language that you missed the class for.

That is where I come in! I can help you to put in to place systems and Facebook ads that get your message out, start making sales, saving you time and most importantly helping the people you dream of working with. And if you really want to know, I can explain that jargon as well.


Untangle your Facebook Ads and Make Them Your Business Friend

(not your business enemy)

Caroline M Wood

I am Caroline 

and I am here

to help you make friends

with Facebook ads

to grow your business


Grab a cup of tea

and find out more

I started off my working life as an Air Force Officer, wandered off to become a chartered accountant, volunteered in Africa, worked in Laos before heading back to Australia to work in the Not for Profit sector. And if there is one thing the Not for Profit sector knows about it is boot strapping!  While employed for my finance skills, I have become a jack of all trades, particularly in helping out with tech and running Facebook ads.

Much to my surprise I have found that not only am I good at nutting out how tech work but I also actually love doing it. I can spend hours trying to find the absolute perfect Facebook ad audience given half a chance. I adore combining the creative side of designing a Facebook ad with my love of numbers and testing out what works and where people are hanging out on Facebook. I have a Masters in Demography which helps with the whole understanding those Facebook audiences.

I have also done a brief stint as a food blogger.  Not my most successful venture! I am much better at eating than cooking and my food photography skills leave a lot to be desired. But my lack of success meant that I couldn’t afford to have someone help me with setting up email lists, landing pages and getting in place systems for communicating with the lovely audience I did have.  Instead I spent hours working it all out for myself (which I secretly preferred to trying to take artistic photos of food).

While this was fun it wasn’t exactly income generating at least in the context of my food blog. But rather than put all that knowledge and skills to waste, I want to help you conquer Facebook ads much quicker than I did so you can get on with actually growing your business and making money. If I had spent more time on conquering food photography than Mailchimp and Facebook ads I might now be that glamorous food blogger with a tv show. But I am much happier helping solopreneurs and small business owners with their Facebook ads and other tech challenges.

I still love food and am a serious chocoholic with additional power provided by coffee.  I am an introvert and when not working you will normally find me curled up on the couch reading a good book with my furry housemates by my side.


Let’s get your business buzzing


I love seeing solopreneurs and small business owners get found by their ideal clients and have those clients hear their messages.  The change you can create in your part of the world with a little bit of tech oomph and Facebook marketing help from me gives me such a fabulous buzz!

To get started, check out my services and then book a time to chat to me or send me an email.  

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