The Ad Help Desk

The Ad Help Desk: Personalized, affordable Facebook™ Ads support from an experienced Facebook Ad manager (me)

Struggling with Facebook Ads but aren’t quite ready to invest in a Facebook Ads manager to do the work for you?

Or you want to DIY your ads because you enjoy them (yes you may be a little bit crazy) but would like input from an expert to make sure you are getting the most out of them.

Don’t waste another penny on a hit-and-hope Facebook Ad strategy (you know that hoping for the best isn’t really a strategy).

And stop asking people in Facebook groups to guess why your ad isn’t converting. Unless they have a good dig around in your Ads Manager account, they can’t tell you anyway.

The Ad Help Desk delivers quick, personalized Facebook Ads help, at an affordable monthly rate.

What is the Ad Help Desk?

For USD97 a month you will get the following support:

  • Email support for all your Facebook ad set up questions. And not just support from a random person; support from a person (that would be me) who is interested in your business and what you offer.
  • Advice on how to research who to target your ads to and how to set up custom audiences.
  • Help in turning your ads around – if you’ve got a poor-performing ad, I can help you understand why, and turn it around, or create an alternative ad. I’ll be asking for access to your Facebook Ad account so I can give you advice based on the numbers (not just some guessing from looking at screenshots in a Facebook Group).
  • A growing library of tutorials on Facebook ads – including how to set up new campaigns, monitor performance, and how to decide if you are getting value for money. 

Who is this the Ad Help Desk for:

  • You will need to have a Facebook page and ideally a website already up and running.
  • You have some idea of who your niche is. While ads can help you clarify this further, you need to have a clear idea of who you are serving before you start running ads.
  • You are a service based entrepreneur who may offer digital products such as courses and printables. If you sell physical products please get in contact me at so we can chat about whether the AD Help Desk will be useful or not.
  • You understand that Facebook ads are not a quick fix. They take time and testing to get them to work.

The Ad Help Desk is not for you if you are looking for a structured Facebook ad course. There will be tutorials and guides for you to use in creating, monitoring and tweaking your ads but it won’t follow a formal path, or a set timeframe.

Instead this is a service that will grow with you and your business. You can start with the basic and then as you develop your Facebook ad skills we can work together in setting up more complex audiences and ads and implement more complex strategies. 

Plan Options

(All prices are in USD and GST is additional if you live in Australia)

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