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Facebook ads can do amazing things for your business. They can get you found by your ideal client, help you make sales, build up awareness of your business, get people on your email list and all at a lower cost than traditional advertising.

Or they can be an easy way to throw money away!

With my one on one Facebook ads untangle hour I answer your specific questions about Facebook ads to get you going in the right direction and creating Facebook ads that convert.

Already run an ad and it hasn’t gone to plan? Then book in for one of my Facebook ads reviews where we go through your ad and identify ways to improve it to get the best results for your money

Or if you are tired of Facebook ads being a major time stealer then let me run them for you. Instead of spending hours setting up your Facebook ads, monitoring and testing which ones work best, get on with working on the parts of your business you love.

Facebook Ads Untangle Hour

Have a specific Facebook Ads question you want answered? Then my Facebook Ads Untangle Hour is for you. We can look at a specific concern you have with your ads. Things we could talk about include:

  • Setting up custom audiences
  • How to use pixels to retarget your audience
  • How to use conversion pixels to see how your ad is really performing
  • A quick and dirty strategy session

But really it is up to you! Book in by clicking here.

Price:$147 (packages available if more than 2 hours purchased at one time)

As I was new to Facebook Ads, Caroline was able to give me great insight into creating more focussed and effective ads. Step by step, Caroline took me through the process, sharing her knowledge and providing some great tips on how I could drive traffic to my website and generate more sales.


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Facebook Ads Review

Not quite ready to invest in having someone else manage your Facebook ads? Or perhaps you enjoy running your Facebook ads but aren’t getting quite the results you were hoping for?  Then come do a Facebook ad review with me.

I spend some time looking at how your ads have performed and reviewing your landing page. We get together for a chat to discuss how you could improve your ads going forward, along with a written report for you to refer back to.

To get started send me an email at caroline@carolinemwood.com.

Price : $167

Facebook Ads Done For You

This is the option for you if you want to ditch playing with the power editor and mucking around with your ads. I’ll do all the heavy lifting with the ads while working collaboratively with you to create ads that resonate with your clients. My services include:

  • developing a strategy for your Facebook ads – simply popping up an ad asking people to handover their email rarely works therese days.
  • Preparing copy and graphics for your ads.
  • Reviewing your landing page.
  • Setting up the ads.
  • Monitoring your ads to optimize the outcome.

Price: Starting from $850 a month for a minimum of 3 months. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the campaigns required. Cost of ads is additional.

To get started fill in this questionnaire and I’ll be in touch to arrange a time to chat to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Not sure which service you need? Then drop me an email at caroline@carolinemwood.com or book in for a chat.

Note all prices are quoted in USD.

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