If you have been messing around with Facebook ads in the past you have probably heard about the 20% text rule. That is you couldn’t have more than 20% text on your ad as measured using Facebook’s rules and their grid tool.

For those of you who haven’t looked at Facebook ads in the past couple of months you may not know that this rule has changed. You can now have as much text as you like in your ads.

Now before you get excited about the possibilities this gives you to make your Facebook ads there is a catch. Yes you can add more text to your ads but it will affect how many people see your ad.  Facebook has now got four “levels” of text that determine how your ad is treat

  • OK – this is the old 20% rule. Your ads will run as normal.
  • Low text – your ad’s reach may be slightly lower.
  • Medium text – your ad’s reach may be much lower
  • High text – your ad may not run at all.

Facebook have a tool for testing how much text you have in your ad. You upload your ad graphics and Facebook will let you know how how much text it thinks you have in your ad. You can find the tool here. I find this tool much easier to use than trying to guess how much text I have. It is not just about the amount of text but how it is placed in the ad. And then when you upload your image Facebook will warn you again about the amount of text if it over the 20% rule – make sure it is still the level you thought it was.

Examples of amount of text in images according to Facebook

I have run the following graphics through the tool to give you an idea of how much text is in each according to the Facebook tool category and how variable it can seem!

Ads that were OK:

This one also came up as ok but I would say it has more text than my low text image:


Ads that had low text:


Medium text ad (it was very hard to create a medium ad! I kept getting either low or high – nothing in between)


High text ad:

What should you do?

Unless you really need the text to get your message across and to be honest I can’t think of a situation where this would apply I would stick with images that are ok or maybe low. Remember you do have other copy that you include with your ad that doesn’t involve your actual image.

It is hard enough to get the best reach for your ad with getting the right copy and audience, why make life more difficult for yourself by reducing your reach with some text on your graphics.

Have you run ads with more text? How do you think it has affected your reach?

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