Achievable Income

Create a plan to achieve your income goals

Big income goals for the year but not sure how you’re going to meet them?

Setting goals is fabulous. They give you focus and purpose.

But just saying you want to make $10k a month is not a sure fire plan to get you there.

You need to get more specific. Specific on the goal but even more specific on the process that’s going to move it from dream target to money actually sitting in your bank account. 

You know why you need to make this happen. Making this money is the way for you to create the life you want for you and your family. How you are going to make it happen is a different story. What we need to do is piece together the numbers, work out what they’re telling you and decide what needs to happen now to create the outcomes you want.

Let’s make that goal achievable!

One thing I know for sure: With the right plan in place to achieve your income goal you are half way there.

Step One


Unpacking Your Financial Story

We look at what you are offering clients, at what price and piecing how they are going to contribute to your income goal in a meaningful and sustainable way.

This is all about you knowing what you are going to sell, for how much and how many clients you need to make that income goal.  

Step Two


Taking hold of the expenses

You don’t just want money in the door, you want profit in the door. Expenses are necessary, but you want expenses that invest in your business growth, not take away from it. You want to be aware of where it is you are investing your money and stop any wastage. You want money that comes in to be yours.

Money you can take home.

Step Three


Sustainable Business. Not Sustainable Hobby.

You need to be paying yourself. Otherwise this business malarkey is just not sustainable.

The plan we make together? It’s not a post 5 times a week on Facebook, pitch 2 times a week and email your list once a week kinda plan.

It’s a strategic look at what you are going to do in the coming year to make your income goal a reality.

What this will mean for you and your business:


  • Clarity on what offers you are going to be selling so you can get on with preparing marketing plans and making those sales.
  • Pricing sorted – no more stressing about what to charge.
  • Knowing you are making a profit not just making sales. I want you to be paying yourself!

How this works:

  • I send you a detailed questionnaire so you can gather your thoughts and information and I can get to know your business.
  • We then have a 90 minute one on one call where we dig into your business and plan out your offers and pricing. We will also look at where your money is going in your business so we make sure you are making a profit.
  • I go away and document the plan for you to refer back to when the mind gremlins start invading.
  • A recording of our session so you don’t need to take notes while we talk. You get to focus on the plan.

The Investment: $247 (all prices are in USD)

To get started:

After making the payment, you’ll receive your questionnaire to get us on the same page and make sure we have all the information you need to make decisions. Once you have completed the questionnaire, I’ll send you a link to book in a time with me and we can get your income goal organized.

Got a question:

Not sure if this is for you? Send me an email to and we can have a chat.

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