Don’t tell potential customers you’re amazing, show them!

You have raving fans who love your work.


Why don’t you have their testimonials and referrals?

What if you could put in place a system for collecting testimonials and asking for referrals so that they just happen?

Awesome, right?

Have you tried every marketing strategy in the book except for the easy wins:

  • Asking your best clients to refer their business friends to you (how wonderful are word of mouth sales!)
  • Demonstrating how amazing you are through testimonials

Word of mouth marketing and social proof are not the latest most sexiest marketing strategies out there but they’re part of all healthy businesses for good reason: they work! Without costing you an absolute fortune to implement.

But if you are anything like me, you probably feel uncomfortable asking for them. So you put it off and suddenly weeks have past since you finished providing your services and it has gotten waaaaaaaaay too late to now ask for those referrals and testimonials.

And even if you do ask for testimonials they often come back as these vague statements like “Mavis did an awesome job” that don’t really explain how wonderful your work is.

That is where the magic of processes and templates come in.

By implementing Fantastic Finishes you will:

  • Have great testimonials that demonstrate why people should hire you.
  • Stop worrying about people saying no and start asking for referrals and making more sales.
  • Quickly add a stress-free business building strategy into your client experience.

Fantastic Finishes System

What’s included with your purchase:

  • The exact actions you need to take to finish your projects with a bang and generating more sales
  • Template emails for you to ask for testimonials. No more procrastinating about writing those emails because you have the email ready to go.
  • Clear prompts for clients that help them write testimonials that sell your services rather than vague waffle.
  • A template guide for you to provide to clients on who you like to work with and what you like to help with. Get people referring only ideal clients.

Bonus: Tech recommendations to help you automate these processes.

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Stop letting those fabulous testimonials and referrals slip through your fingers!

Start making sales easily

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